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Who are we?

Aden Mitra Mandal is an association of people who have lived, born or brought up in Aden and are now living in the United Kingdom, mainly London. It also includes people who have had some connection with Aden by way of their parents or grand parents connected to Aden. It was established in more

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Brent Council To Cut Navratri Grant This Year

Dear members,

Due to government cuts imposed on Brent Council, the Navratri grant given to Hindu communities to run Navratri will be axed. This has a direct affect on our communities and many communities will not be able to host Navratri this year unless we prevent the council from doing this.

The Mandal is actively doing what it can do fight against this decision and we'll be keeping a track of all meetings, correspondence and updates via the following page. Please can you share this with your friends and family and spread the word.

Brent Council Navratri Grant Cut

Megha Desai Dance

Hemendra Desai and Ketki Desai would like to share their daughter's wonderful dances with our members

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